Climate change is emerging as the issue of the 21st century. While governments struggle to come to terms with it, businesses are taking action.

The human race is challenged more than ever before to demonstrate our mastery, not over nature but of ourselves. Rachel CarsonCarbonSense has become a first port of call for companies in the UK, Europe and beyond that are seeking to develop a leading edge climate change strategy.

With our ‘carbon journey’ framework we can enable any organisation to implement a robust climate change strategy. We help companies that are just starting to address the issue, and also provide specialist services to companies that are further advanced.

Our business has been built on our success in engaging staff from boardroom to shop-floor, communicating and explaining climate change, and helping businesses to count and reduce carbon emissions.

We don’t get lost in science, confuse with management speak or bore with turgid presentations. We cut through to real issues and solutions and can make sense of climate change for everyone from the boardroom to the shop floor, while never losing sight of the bottom line or the complexities and pressures of the corporate agenda.

We offer:

  • board level presentations
  • low and zero carbon strategy
  • business opportunity scenarios
  • carbon footprint assessment
  • supply chain carbon analysis
  • offsetting / compensation strategies
  • staff engagement processes
  • films, print and new media content
  • web-based carbon accounting
  • specialist and technology expertise
  • climate science
  • low carbon brand development

We have worked with many leading organisations such as TNT, BT, Thames Water, the Natural History Museum, HSBC and Honda Formula One Racing...Read more >