A selection of our earlier projects and initiatives.


Energy control mapping

Mapping energy control helps turn behaviour change into effective action with costed benefits and measurable results.

It brings together critical elements that are all too rarely considered as one whole system:

  • energy use and control mechanisms
  • who controls or has an influence over energy use including occupants
  • how they exert that control or influence.

Through projects at Imperial College, HM Treasury and the Natural History Museum we have proved that mapping can reveal quite unexpected data, insights and understanding.


TNT Climate Change Strategy

Concept: CarbonSense

Concept: CarbonSense

We helped TNT senior management define a pathway or ‘carbon journey’ to bring climate change awareness to the heart of corporate strategy and employee actions.

As a result, and with the commitment of the board, TNT set a visionary carbon reduction target, instituted a wide range of practical plans and initiated 'Planet Me' to engage employees worldwide in a radical reduction of CO2 emissions.

CarbonSense helped us to frame thinking about climate change at TNT that contributed to development of a unique corporate climate initiative. Central concepts: carbon illiterate society, bringing CO2 to customer level, the development of the notion to clearly involve our staff in this.

Peter van Minderhout, Group Director Communications and Social Responsibility, TNT


Honda Formula One

Image: HRF1

Image: HRF1

A Formula One team may appear to be an unlikely partner for CarbonSense to work with. But the Honda team had a vision - to take a message to their fans which would inspire environmental stewardship and action on climate change.

We helped assess the emissions associated with every operation – from manufacturing the cars and the fuel used for racing, to the emissions associated with taking people and equipment around the world.

We suggested proactive steps and showed how HRF1 could become 'carbon positive' by influencing others - particularly the millions of spectators.

CarbonSense played a very substantial role in helping us stand our ground and be clear about the issues facing the team and indeed, our planet.

Alistair Watkins, Marketing Director, Honda Racing F1 Team


HSBC Future leaders


CarbonSense was asked to work with the HSBC Group’s global Future Leaders programme to raise understanding and explore both the risks and business potential inherent in the climate challenges ahead.

We delivered a series of half-day workshops that included highly creative sessions to assess the scope for climate changed-related opportunities in each of the Group’s main business divisions.


Schumacher College

Photo taken at a subsequent residential event facilitated by CarbonSense

Photo taken at a subsequent residential event facilitated by CarbonSense

In September 2007, FTSE 100 companies joined CarbonSense at Schumacher College. Key players from BT, Tesco, and Green and Blacks worked with Antony Turner of CarbonSense to teach on a new series of climate change courses for business professionals.


Black Box

Opening the Black Box

Opening the Black Box

In partnership with Constructing Excellence we took on the challenge of engaging board level people in the buildings and construction sector in climate change and carbon emission reductions.

We developed a unique package combining a black box with surprising and informative content with a workshop process including instant peer reviews and action planning. The workshop process proved to be successful in initiating progress in the sector with events hosted by Constructing Excellence in the regions, the Chartered Institute of Building and other industry bodies.


Energy Saving event

LASP Conference London

LASP Conference London

The Energy Saving Trust (EST) supports Energy Efficiency Advice Centres (EEACs). Working with an EST manager we co-designed a two-day event in London for EEAC staff from across UK, including workshops and other input from external specialists including Theatre4Business and Platform. We also led several sessions on aspects of communications.



Image: Carbon Visuals

Image: Carbon Visuals

CarbonSense was instrumental in the formation of the Museums and Galleries Energy and Carbon Forum (MAGEC) and led the group's regular events for three years. We also contributed to the formulation of the original 1851 Estate Carbon Reduction plan and Invest to Save application, thereafter seconding a Low Carbon Manager to the Natural History Museum for two years.


Carbon Trust Behaviour Change

Following our initial proposals, the Carbon Trust commissioned CarbonSense to undertake partnership projects with a range of Action Energy Programme bespoke clients during 2004 - 5.  These projects became a major part of an overall Carbon Trust Behavioural Change Project which aimed to:

  • assess the value of taking cultural and behavioural factors into account in projects intended to deliver carbon savings;
  • demonstrate and evaluate the benefits of such an approach;
  • derive learning to inform future work of the Carbon Trust.

We conducted projects with GSK, Hammersmith Hospitals NHS Trust, HM Treasury, Imperial College, University of Leeds, Bridgen and NMSI/MAGEC amongst others.

The results of this exploratory work were striking and strengthened the evidence base of our own work while our analysis and report set out unequivocal lessons with examples from the projects.


Public Procurement Pioneers


CDP Public Procurement was launched by the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) in 2008 with the aim of fostering engagement on climate change between public sector organisations and their suppliers. Participating organisations included local councils, central government departments and the V&A amongst others.

The Report was written by Peter Martin of CarbonSense with assistance from Fraser Durham and launched at the House of Commons on 4th March 2009.


The Earth Charter in business

Image: ActionAid

Image: ActionAid

With support from DFID, we partnered with Earth Charter UK and Voice International to take the Earth Charter into the world of business. Our aims were to enhance global awareness, responsible practice and sustainable development, and also to develop training materials and other resources.

We held workshops, conferences and exhibitions that attracted people from many companies, education and community groups and included a Consultation into 'Redefining Business Success' at St George's House, Windsor Castle.

An independent third party evaluation concluded that the project was “an innovative initiative engaging the business community in the principles of the Earth Charter, providing inspiring examples of actions towards sustainable businesses through dialogue, case studies and stunning images”.

An important output from the project is Pictures of Success.


Climate challenge now!

With support from Constructing Excellence and DEFRA and together with Dave Hampton, the Carbon Coach, we delivered 50 workshops in East Anglia. Ten of these were with business groups and 40 with other organisations and community groups.


Think Purple


CarbonSense, together with Reasons to be Cheerful led by Liz Reason, an experienced energy policy analyst and strategist, developed Think Purple into a growing range of communication projects with schools, community groups and businesses using bespoke materials and interactive games. These built on initial creative work by CarbonSense, Comic Company, Dave Hampton the Carbon Coach and Liz Reason.

Invisible Bonfires

Images: Forkbeard

Images: Forkbeard

CarbonSense worked with Forkbeard Fantasy Theatre Company after winning supportive funding from the DEFRA Climate Challenge Fund in 2005.

With the benefit of climate change input from CarbonSense, Forkbeard launched their engaging and wildly surreal production ‘Invisible Bonfires’ on an unsuspecting world.



We have worked with WWF on a range of projects and initiatives. These include research, review, analysis & a report on the WWF corporate Climate Savers programme, a guide to engagement for WWF UAE and sessions at One Planet Leaders Programmes in the UK and Switzerland.


Carbon Audit

In June 2009, CarbonSense completed a carbon audit assessment for Railpen Investments. This investment management and pension administration business provides services to the railway pension funds and its corporate trustee Railways Pension Trustee Company Limited. The Trustee Company CEO said we ‘provided an insight into the way the business works that is completely new and valuable’.


PepsiCo Sustainability

CarbonSense made a short film for PepsiCo designed to engage all UK employees in sustainability issues.

The film included interviews with shop floor and management at Quaker, Walkers and Copella operations. Using a small film crew we interviewed shop floor and also included in-situ interviews with two key suppliers – in fields and orchards.
The project was completed in four weeks, on time and to budget, and included:

  • 20 minute film (DVD) plus shorter versions
  • participant handout
  • facilitator’s delivery guidelines.

 The response from their responsible Vice President was:

I don’t just like it, I love it.


TfL Environmental Champions


We designed and conducted a series of workshops for environmental champions at Transport for London (TfL) in collaboration with associates Theatre4Business.

The brief was to inspire and educate TfL environmental champions, the volunteer members of staff who help raise environmental awareness amongst colleagues.

The workshops combined a lively and interactive personal communication development process with a rich vein of information around climate change and related sustainability issues using imagery and stories.

A short film was made of the final workshop with comments and feedback from the participants.


Carbon Disclosure for Cities

Image: Carbon Visuals

Image: Carbon Visuals

Peter Martin analysed disclosures and wrote the report of the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) Cities Project. Conducted in partnership with ICLEI, a total of 18 cities of all sizes across the USA participated in this ground-breaking project which entailed reporting on energy use, emissions and a wide range of related risks and opportunities. The report was launched in June 2009.


BT Climate Leadership

Diagram from  What would a genuinely carbon neutral BT look like?

Diagram from What would a genuinely carbon neutral BT look like?

In 2005, CarbonSense won a contract to develop a 'think piece' in response to the question: 'What would a genuinely carbon neutral BT look like?' We showed that by working throughout its sphere of influence, BT could become a proactive agent in a wide-ranging social shift towards a low carbon future.

We called this ‘carbon positive’ and postulated that this was an appropriate ambition for BT and would entail a 'carbon journey' with sights firmly set beyond any interim options such as offsetting. This led BT towards developing a full climate change strategy and appointing a Head of Climate Change - see the interview here.