Behaviour change


Success with behavioural change can be significant but people are fickle. Compliance without self-motivation is not self-sustaining. Our expertise can help you make a real, quantified and lasting difference.

We have helped many organisations with internal engagement and behaviour change as well as the engagement of external stakeholders and the general public.

Many managers are more used to technology solutions and hardware projects with relatively straightforward relationships between effort and result, cause and effect: but people aren’t like that. People are fickle, emotional, subject to all sorts of external influence, liable to change their mind and capable of building rational arguments to justify decisions actually made on gut feel.

It is widely recognised that behaviour change can reduce energy use, improve recycling rates, save water, cut pollution and achieve any number of operational improvements. The challenge is to not only bring about short term changes but to sustain the benefits over the longer term; and to do so with integrity and insight, in ways that are genuinely empowering.

If you are a manager charged with meeting sustainability targets through behavioural change, supporting environmental champions, launching an internal programme or developing an engagement strategy, do get in touch to find out how we can help you.


Organisations we have worked with include Carbon Trust, Guardian News & Media, Herbert Smith, HM Treasury, Lendlease, Nationwide, Natural History Museum, PepsiCo, Thames Water, TfL, Trader Media, V&A and, in partnership with Carbon Visuals, Kingfisher.