Carbon Positive Awards

Antony Turner

Antony Turner was one of the judges for today’s South West Carbon Positive Awards at HRH The Prince of Wales’ Mayday Business Summit at the Met Office, Exeter.

Antony commented: “To demonstrate leadership in the face of the climate challenge, it will be critical for businesses and other organisations to become more sustainable. There were almost a hundred entries for the Carbon Positive Awards, with many exciting and inspiring stories. They illustrate the way forward for the South West and also for organisations throughout the UK and beyond.”

Winners included Commercial Group, Wessex Water, Who Cares Ltd, Kensa Engineering, Dyson and Knowle West Media Centre.

Peter Martin, Research Director at CarbonSense, said: “We've been advising business and industry on climate change strategy for the past five years, and since 2005 we have been helping companies to become ‘carbon positive’. This means setting strategies and encouraging all employees to get involved. As well as reducing emissions and managing carbon throughout the supply chain, this involves actively engaging other stakeholders – customers, investors and regulators in the effort to bring emissions down”.

He commented “These awards demonstrate not only that large companies can aim for sustainability but that small companies and micro-businesses can also make a difference; and that a positive approach by public bodies can facilitate progress.”