The Carbon Quilt

Antony Turner

A 'patch' of the global carbon quilt over Great Britain

A 'patch' of the global carbon quilt over Great Britain

The Carbon Quilt is a universal tool to make greenhouse gases visible, in a way that is useful and meaningful for monitoring, policy development, international negotiation and public communication.

It uses a computer graphics technique which is scaleable, accurate and fair.

The core benefits are as follow:

• brings to life the abstract concept of a ‘carbon footprint’
• is scientifically accurate – shows actual size and area of any GHG quantity
• works on all scales – people can ‘see’ the carbon footprint of a whole continent or a single light bulb
• can show historical and future carbon emissions, with consequential temperature, sealevel and other local and global impacts
• when animated, can be used to tell any ‘carbon story’.

Our aim immediate aim is for the Carbon Quilt to make a significant contribution to the UN climate negotiations at Copenhagen in December 2009, and to influence the effectiveness of campaigns, communications, negotiations and policy development in the run-up to the summit. We have developed a prototype web tool which you can find at