Employee engagement


Engaging employees is key to making progress towards sustainability. Both thinking strategically and creating meaning at a personal level are critical to success.

Most employee sustainability engagement efforts fail, are short-lived or deliver only a fraction of their potential. Typical reasons include too much focus on short term ‘quick wins’, mistaken assumptions about the depth of change required, ‘off message’ senior management and a failure to allow for unforeseen influences. A strategic approach can make a significant difference.

Also, in our experience, organisations change for good when people ‘get it’ at a personal level. Imagery, stories and imagination are essentials for engagement that leads to action. Our expertise lies in applying the personal touch in a way that works for the benefit of all.  We will:

  • co-develop a strategic approach to employee engagement
  • design and lead creative communication campaigns
  • provide operational, behavioural and communication insights
  • design and facilitate workshops and other engagement processes
  • provide challenge and support for internal change agents.

The support we provide to internal coordinators and champions includes training, coaching, guidance and acting as a ‘sounding board’.

Organisations we have worked with include Guardian News & Media, HM Treasury, Lendlease, Nationwide, Natural History Museum, PepsiCo, Thames Water, Trader Media, TfL, V&A and, in partnership with Carbon Visuals, Kingfisher.