Energy mapping


An Energy Control Map connects the real actions of a building’s occupants to the internal energy system - at all levels from the building management system to individual appliances.

It can be a powerful tool in the process of optimising energy use in buildings because it brings together critical elements that are all too rarely considered as one whole system:

  • energy use and control mechanisms
  • who controls or has an influence over energy use including occupants
  • how they exert that control or influence.

We have found that the mapping process can reveal quite unexpected data, insights and understanding.


Influence mapping uni example sl1.jpg

We have applied this methodology at, for example, HM Treasury, Imperial College and the Natural History Museum.

It could also be a powerful approach when combined with the interactive engagement tools being developed by Carbon Visuals such as the Interactive estates and campus energy engagement tool.

Influence mapping uni example sl2.jpg

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